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Ask us about
Cold Laser Therapy

High Power, Cold laser therapy can treat a number of issues through a chemical reaction to light. The laser affects damaged cells and scar tissue to help expedite healing, treat wounds, ease chronic and arthritic pain, tackle severe infections and much, much more! Please call us about this exciting new therapy and we can see if it is the right treatment for your pet.

Client Testimonial

"I have three precious reasons I trust Dr. Libby and her staff!  Thank you for your knowledgable feedback, advice, and kindheartedness towards each one (and my entire family).  I always know they are in good hands at the clinic!"  ~Erin, Overland Park KS

Rivka and Dr. Robertson with a suspicious victim!

Dogs always shine after a good 
grooming from Sandy.

Two English Bulldog pups delivered by Dr. Robertson.